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Writing was always something I’d wanted to dive into more seriously since taking creative writing classes as part of my Advertising Design course at Art College.

As a Copywriter, working in the commercial Design industry in the nineties, I’d written plenty of short radio and television scripts for Advertising campaigns, but never anything more ambitious. That is, until several years later when I started my first feature length screenplay, Overwhelming Darkness. Having a full-time lecturing job meant that this was a real labour of love for me and I had to steal time for writing wherever and whenever I possibly could. So lunch times, nights and weekends were taken up by my new passion. All I can say is that I’m extremely lucky to have such a patient and supportive wife!

After the elation of finishing the first draft of my screenplay, just over a year later, I then spent almost another year of working part-time on re-writes and also turning the script into a novel. In 2011 my script was the first place winner in the Screenplay Contest of the ReelHeART International Film Festival. In June that year I flew to Toronto to receive my award and also to watch the live table read of my script by a group of professional actors, which was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

In my spare time I’m working on the Graphic Novel version of my story with an extremely talented Artist/Illustrator friend and we’re both enjoying this exciting creative process very much. Oh, and my wife, well she’s as patient and supportive as ever!


Click below for excerpts from Overwhelming Darkness.

Screenplay (PDF)   Novel (PDF)






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