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Portrait Commissioning...

Commissioning a portrait should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. This is a very special investment in your life and the opportunity to own a unique, original and valued work of art.

Generally, portraits take from 2 to 6 months from the first introductory consultation to the completion of the piece. The time frame will depend on the size and complexity of the piece and also on the amount of time for research on the subject and the gathering of all the visual images that will go in to making up the background collage of the person’s life. My aim is to really get to know my subject and create a portrait that will not only capture who the person is, but also what goes in to making them the individual that they truly are.

The portrait can be created in two ways, from photos that I take of the subject (if it is possible to meet), or I can work from a range of your supplied photographs.

1. To start the process please contact me by phone or email. This initial consultation will be to discuss how the subject wishes to be portrayed, and to explore different possibilities for poses, mood, clothing and location. We would also discuss the range of images that would go in to making up the collage of the subject’s life. The artist and subject are collaborators in the creation of a great portrait, so all input is most welcome at this stage.

2. Then, if it’s possible we would meet for a photo shoot and the gathering of photographic images of the person’s life. If we can meet, a sitting would be scheduled in which photographs of the subject will be taken and drawings may be made. A variety of poses, moods and clothing can be explored taking into consideration any input from the sitter. I would also ask that a range of visual images and photos (relating to the person’s life) be supplied, so that I can copy these for the background collage of the portrait. These could include photos of the subject and their family and pets, images of them in their job, favourite places, also favourite hobbies and interests such as books, films, music, sports etc. These images can also be sent to me digitally, or they can be posted and I can take copies of your original photos, then send them back.

My aim is not only to have a great portrait of the subject, but also to tell the story of their life in the most positive light.

3. If we do get the opportunity to do a photo shoot, I will review and edit the photos, then select those most suitable ones and share them with you by email. With your input I choose the best photo to use for the portrait. This can also be done with the range of photos that you supply if we can’t meet up. The portrait will be created using a range of mixed media such as pencil, colour pencil, fine-line pens, graphic markers, acrylic paints, inks, layered cut paper, and collage and photo montage techniques.

Once the portrait is completed you will have an original, unique and personal piece of art that captures you or your loved one forever.

As the time frame, materials used and size of each portrait is completely unique I would ask that you please call, or email me to discuss pricing. Pricing of larger portraits depends on the amount of detail, materials, time and work involved. An exact quote will be furnished after discussing the project.




To book a portrait commision or ask any questions please contact me at:

Contact Steven Hart Call (204) 997 8630 Email stevenhart888@gmail.com or steven@hart-creations.com